Sungmoon Kim at Seminar on Neo-Confucian Studies

The next session of the Columbia University Seminar on Neo-Confucian Studies will convene on Friday, March 5, from 7-8:30 pm EST, over Zoom. The speaker will be Professor Kim Sungmoon of the City University of Hong Kong. Prof. Kim’s title and abstract are below. The Zoom session can be accessed here. If you have questions, contact the new rapporteur at any time.
(For more info see  below)

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Guo Qiyong: The Humanistic Spirit of Universities is Being Lost with Each Passing Day

Guo Qiyong, Dean of School of Chinese Classics at Wuhan University and eminent authority on Chinese philosophy, recently published a scathing critique of the Chinese education system titled “The Humanistic Spirit of Universities is Being Lost with Each Passing Day.” Guo identifies three trends that harm humanities education:

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NAPTS Bulletin: Confucianism and Tillich’s Protestant Principle

A paper by Lawrence Whitney about Paul Tillich’s “Protestant Principle” as it registers in Confucianism was published in the Bulletin of the North American Paul Tillich Society with responses by Bin Song and Heup Young Kim, and then Whitney’s response to the respondents. See here:

New Book: Asian Religious Responses to Darwinism

The following volume edited by Professor Mackenzie Brown concerns the interactions of Asian religious and philosophical traditions with evolutionary theories. 
Brown, Mackenzie (Ed). Asian Religious Responses to Darwinism—Evolutionary Theories in Middle Eastern, South Asian, and East Asian Cultural Contexts (Sophia Studies in Cross-cultural Philosophy of Traditions and Cultures). Cham: Springer, 2020.

Research project on the Sociology of modern Confucian philosophy

We would like to bring to your attention a research project on the Sociology of modern Confucian philosophy based at the Institute for European Global Studies of the University of Basel (Switzerland). The research group, one of the largest specialized in the study of modern Confucianism outside East Asia, seeks to provide new perspectives on modern Confucianism by deploying sociological approaches for philosophical aims. The group is composed of Ralph Weber, Philippe Major, Yim Fong Chan, and Milan Matthiesen. More information about the research project can be found at the following address:

The research group would like to hear from researchers who share similar interests. Those interested in sharing their research or in finding more about the project are invited to write to Philippe Major at

An Update from Edward Slingerland

Edward Slingerland writes:

” I’ve moved to the Philosophy department at UBC and am hoping to introduce a course on virtue ethics, I’d like to read all the standard Western theory (Murdoch, MacIntyre, etc.), do a little Aristotle, but also spend time on the early China Confucians. Does anyone teach anything like this? Looking to steal some ideas from other peoples’ syllabi… If so, please email me at”

New book: Critique, Subversion, and Chinese Philosophy

Critique, Subversion, and Chinese Philosophy has been published by Bloomsbury.

Edited by: Hans-Georg Moeller, Andrew K. Whitehead

Published: 11/12/20

Attached is a link to the Bloomsbury website where you can learn more about, as well as purchase this book.

Postponement of ISCP 2021 International Conference

Ann A. Pang-White, Executive Director of the ISCP, writes: 
On behalf of the ISCP executive committee and the conference organizing committee, I am writing to inform you that due to the unusual circumstances of COVID and to ensure the success of the Shanghai international conference, we have decided to postpone the conference from July 2021 to June 27-30, 2022.  The postponement is based on careful consideration of several factors including availability & accessibility of vaccines, quarantine requirement once landed in Shanghai, and upon returning to the home country, etc. In the coming weeks, our host university, East China Normal University (Shanghai) together with our current president Prof. Guorong Yang, will provide us with information on the new extended deadlines for submissions and related matters (the university is currently on the Lunar New Year break).  The conference organizers will also send out notifications to authors who have already submitted their abstracts to inquire whether they would like their submissions to be automatically considered for the conference in light of the new dates.  The Fu Foundation Paper Contest will also continue with extended deadline.  For papers already submitted, if the authors’ papers are not yet published by June 2022 and would like to remain in the pool of the contest, their papers will still be considered. New submissions will also be welcome. A belated best wish to all of you for a very peaceful, healthy, and prosperous New Year of the Ox! May we be victorious in overcoming the predicament caused by COVID.

CFP: New Journal Submissions – Journal of East Asian Philosophy

The editors are inviting submissions to the newly launched journal, Journal of East Asian Philosophy from Springer. The deadline for the inaugural issue is February 28, 2021, with expected publication in June 2021. They accept original papers, translations, and book reviews in all areas of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean philosophical traditions. They especially welcome East Asia-West and Intra-East Asia comparative philosophical studies. (For more information on the journal, and how how to submit papers see below.)