Journal Issue Dedicated to Li Zehou

Asian Studies has just published a new issue entitled “Ethics and the Beauty of Human Becoming: Special Issue dedicated to Li Zehou on his 90th Birthday.” You can download the whole issue or essays from it at The Table of Contents follows.

Inspirations from East and West: from Confucius to Kant and Back
Imprints of the Thing in Itself: Li Zehou’s Critique of Critical Philosophy and the Historicization of the Transcendental
Ady Van den Stock

Li Zehou’s Ethics and the Structure of Confucian Pragmatic Reason
Jana S. Rošker

Classical and Modern Theories: Reinforcements and Innovations
Li Zehou’s Reconception of the Classical Confucian Concepts of Autonomy and Individuality: With a Focus on Reading the Analects Today
Jinhua Jia

Different Approaches to Modern Art and Society: Li Zehou versus Xu Fuguan
Téa Sernelj

On the edge between Politics and Ethics:Relationship between Harmony and Justice
Behind Harmony and Justice
Keping Wang

Li Zehou’s “Harmony is Higher than Justice”: Context and a Collaborative Future
Paul D’Ambrosio

Confucian Post-Liberalism
Robert Anthony Carleo III

“Yu Jiyuan 余紀元 and Retrofitting ‘Metaphysics’ for Confucian Philosophy: Human ‘Beings’ or Human ‘Becomings’?
Roger T. Ames

Zhang Junmai’s Early Political Philosophy and the Paradoxes of Chinese Modernity
Eric S. Nelson

Hozonkai – The Phenomenon of Preserving Folk Music and Performing Arts in Japan: The Case of Kokiriko uta hozonkai Association
Klara Hrvatin

Six Buddhist Symbols: An Analysis of a Poetical Image of Buddha’s Enlightenment from the Song Dynasty
Jan Vrhovski

Hisaki Hashi: Das Paradoxon in der Philosophie – Zum Aufbau der humanistischen Welt
Jana S. Rošker

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