$1M Philosophy Prize

The Berggruen Institute has announced the $1 million Berggruen Philosophy Prize. More information, including how to nominate someone, is below. 

We believe in ideas – ideas that shape humanity and the world. Numerous prizes are awarded for invention and achievement in science and the arts, but few prizes recognize ideas that have broader philosophical and cultural impact. We want to create a prize that rewards a living thinker whose ideas – developed in written works – shape the way we think and live.

We have assembled the Jury (see list below) and we are now ready to receive nominations. We welcome nominations from a broad range of disciplines. The nomination need not be lengthy, but should include:

  • the name of the candidate,
  • an explanation of why the individual is considered by the nominator to be a worthy candidate for the Prize,
  • and the name, title and academic or professional affiliation of the nominator.

Please send your nominations to Berggruen Philosophy and Culture Center Manager Jenny Bourne at jb@berggruen.org.

The deadline for nominations is March 1st, 2016. Nominations which do not meet the deadline are normally included in the following year’s assessment.

An e-mail confirming the receipt and validity of the submitted nomination is normally sent out within a couple of months of the submission deadline.

The Jury will evaluate the nominations and select the Laureate. The inaugural award ceremony will take place in New York in late 2016.

2016 Jury Members:

  1. Appiah, Kwame Anthony (New York University)
  2. Borysiewicz, Leszek (Vice-Chancellor, Cambridge University)
  3. Damasio, Antonio (University of Southern California)
  4. Gutmann, Amy (President, University of Pennsylvania)
  5. Sen, Amartya (Harvard University, winner of Nobel prize)
  6. Simmons, Alison (Harvard University)
  7. Spence, Michael (New York University, winner of Nobel prize)
  8. Wang Hui (Tsinghua University)
  9. Yeo, George (Chancellor of Nalanda University and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Singapore)

Thanks for your support.

Nicolas Berggruen

Chairman, Berggruen Institute

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