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TOC: Comparative Philosophy 2:1

Contents of Volume 2 No 2 (2011) of the journal Comparative Philosophy (Titles only; see below for Abstracts)


Christopher Framarin (Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Calgary, Canada):
Ātman, Identity, and Emanation: Arguments for a Hindu Environmental Ethic”, Comparative Philosophy 2:1 (2011): 3-24.

Tommy L. Lott
(Professor, Department of Philosophy, San Jose State University, USA):
Comparative Aspects of Africana Philosophy and the Continental-Analytic Divide”, Comparative Philosophy 2:1 (2011): 25-37.

Alexus McLeod (Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Dayton, USA):
Pluralism about Truth in Early Chinese Philosophy: A Reflection on Wang Chong’s Approach”, Comparative Philosophy 2:1 (2011): 38-60.

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CFP: Virtue and Luck: Virtue Theory and Chinese Philosophy


Virtue and Luck: Virtue Theory and Chinese Philosophy

International Conference and Book Symposium

Hosted by the Department of Philosophy, Soochow University, Taiwan

Co-hosted by the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica, and the Department of Philosophy, Huafan University.

June 02 ~ June 04, 2011, Taipei, Taiwan

Summary: Our three-day program includes the following three events: (a) a series of Philosophical Dialogues; (b) a Book Symposium; and (c) the one-day International Conference “Virtue and Luck: Virtue Theory and Chinese Philosophy”. Continue reading →