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The Heart of Deference

Section 2A/6 of the Mencius tells us that the heart of deference (辭讓) is the starting point of ritual. I’ll try to convince you that this is a puzzling claim, and then suggest a solution to the puzzle.

The puzzle is that ritual obviously mobilises motives other than deference, and calls for behaviour that is not simply deferential. Think of the way that grief takes on ritualised shape in funerals: this is not just an extension of deference. So, why did it make sense to the author or authors of Mencius 2A/6 to say that deference is the starting-point of ritual?

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Frontiers of Philosophy in China 6:2 TOC

Volume 6 Number 2 is now available on SpringerLink

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Dao 10:2 TOC

Dao 10:2 is now available, including articles by several regulars on the blog, and an exchange between Justin and myself concerning the interpretation of “li” (= Coherence!). Continue reading “Dao 10:2 TOC”

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