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What Does It Mean to "Respond to Enmity with Excellence"?

I’ve been recently thinking about an issue that comes up in both the Daodejing and the Analects.  DDJ 63, specifically, is commented on in Analects 14.34.  In the two texts, we see different positions concerning how one should respond to enmity 怨 yuan.  DDJ 63 reads:

為無為,事無事,味無味。大小多少,報怨以德。圖難於其易,為大於其細;天下難事,必作於易,天下大事,必作於細。是以聖人終不為大,故能成其大… Continue reading “What Does It Mean to "Respond to Enmity with Excellence"?”

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Comparative Philosophy Conference in Germany

Metaphysical Foundations of Knowledge and Ethics in Chinese and European Philosophy

Cologne, June 24-25, 2011 Continue reading “Comparative Philosophy Conference in Germany”

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