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Adjunct Lecturer needed at Fairfield

This is of interest only to those in the New York/New England area. I’m on an administrative rotation with a reduced teaching load so my department needs someone to teach the Confucianism course this coming Fall. It’s about 20-25 students. A suitably experienced candidate might also be able to pick up a general introduction to philosophy course as well (also 20-25 students). There may also be another course in Spring 2013 — a course called “Asian Philosophies.” And, fyi, I do have another year on the rotation after next year so we’ll likely need someone then as well…

Send any inquiries to my chair; his contact details are below:

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Philosophy and Poetry

Continuing his series of guest-posts (earlier posts are here and here), Joel Dietz addresses himself to poetry and philosophy, particularly in the context of the Dao De Jing.

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