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Query about Finances of Graduate Education in East Asia

Blog regular Joshua Harwood writes:

I am interested in the financial details of graduate programs in Chinese philosophy, in East Asia. Taiwan (where I am now) offers some scholarship assistance for those who enroll in Chinese graduate programs, which includes living stipends, etc., but I know that such assistance differs by major, and the details of the program are not crystal-clear to me.

I’ve saved some money, but doubt that I’ll ever meet the tuition demands of most US universities, and so I decided long ago that I would prefer to study in an East Asian graduate program. I’m probably nearing the time to begin my admissions process, and I would appreciate any helpful resources (in Chinese or English) which might help me focus my decisions.

If it helps, my primary interests in Chinese philosophy are Yang Zhu, pre-Han Chinese metaethics, and 命. For non-Chinese-specific topics, I’m most interested in formal logic, especially the connection of formal languages to natural languages, and mathematical logic.

I’m sure we’d all benefit from any thoughts or advice.

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New Graduate Program at Nanyang

Nanyang Technological University of Singapore has launched a philosophy graduate program (MA and PhD), with an emphasis on Asian and comparative philosophy. The university also offers very generous financial aid packages (for 12 months a year). More information can be found at the website: http://philosophy.hss.ntu.edu.sg/Pages/OurProgramme.aspx .

For more information, you may also contact Prof. Chenyang Li directly at: cyli@ntu.edu.sg.

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