2013 Buffalo International Conference on Chinese Philosophy

The 17th ISCP International Conference on Chinese Philosophy was successfully held in Paris, France, participated by about 200 Chinese philosophy scholars around the world. The conference was organized by Professor Yolaine Escande, of French National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS) and Graduate School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences(EHESS), July 3-8, 2011. The subject of the conference was “ Interculturality and Philosophic Discourse—Retrospect and Prospect,” and it was organized around the following seven themes: (1) Comparative philosophy: intertraductibility East-West; (2) Cultural philosophy; (3) Philosophy, art and ethics; (4) Value and art and aesthetic appreciation; (5) The new philosophical discourses coming from interculturality; (6) Openness, self-enclosure, and dialogue with others in Chinese philosophy; (7) Theories of knowledge, argumentation, and consensus in Chinese philosophy.   

Since 1976, the International Society for Chinese Philosophy (ISCP) has been holding bi-annual international conference in different regions of the world.  The conference usually draws large audience and has significantly promoted the interest and development of the study of Chinese Philosophy in the world. 

The 18th International Conference on Chinese Philosophy will take place in summer 2013. My home institution, State University of New York at Buffalo, is honored to be chosen to host this great conference, and I am honored to serve as its organizer. I look forward to welcoming colleagues in Chinese philosophy around the world to the beautiful Buffalo-Niagara region (especially in the summer).  The conference is at its initial stage of planning. With this chance I would like to solicit your suggestions and support.  As a tradition, the subject of the conference is broadly conceived, focusing on the contemporary significance of Chinese philosophy and Eastern-Western dialogues.   You are cordially invited to organize a panel or contribute a paper. Any idea regarding how the conference could be better organized will be deeply appreciated.

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  1. I have participated on 15th ISCP ,Wuhane university and I would like to take part again on the 18 th
    ISCP summer 2013, if it is possible.
    Thus, I would like to suggest , to organize this conference 2013 not later than July 09, or after than August 14,2013 , becouse of holy Ramadane- Moslem- World. Many Thanks in advance.
    Prof,Dr Abdelmadjid Amrani (Philosopher)
    Batna university, Algeria

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