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2013 Northeast Conference on Chinese Thought — Home

Welcome to the home page for the 2013 Northeast Conference on Chinese Thought, to be held on Friday and Saturday, November 8-9, at Wesleyan University‘s Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies.

The goals of the Northeast Conference on Chinese Thought (NECCT) are twofold:

  1. To provide a regional forum for everyone from graduate students to established scholars to present work, learn from one another, and establish or strengthen mutual relationships; and
  2. To bring together scholars and students who approach Chinese thought from diverse disciplinary perspectives so as to foster understanding of our various objectives, perspectives, and constraints—the point not being to privilege one approach or hope for a grand synthesis, but simply to encourage each of us to be less insular and to find ways to learn from the approaches of others.

All are welcome to attend the conference, though if you would like to be included in meals, preregistration is required.

The conference schedule, with links to abstracts, is here.

Other logistical information is available here.

Please contact Stephen Angle with any questions.

NECCT 2013 Advisory Board:

  • Stephen Angle (Wesleyan, Philosophy and East Asian Studies)
  • Erin Cline (Georgetown, Theology)
  • David Elstein (SUNY New Paltz, Philosophy)
  • Paul Goldin (Penn, East Asian Languages and Civilizations)
  • Hagop Sarkissian (CUNY, Philosophy)
  • Bryan Van Norden (Vassar, Philosophy and Chinese & Japanese)

5 Responses to 2013 Northeast Conference on Chinese Thought — Home

  1. Bill Haines says:

    Is it inappropriate of me to have raised a question, in the discussion forum, about a point in one of the abstracts?

  2. So how was it? Any highlights?

    • Paul R. Goldin says:

      It was fun! I don’t know that there were specific highlights–more like a consistently high level of discourse and debate. The format left plenty of time for Q&A.

    • Manyul Im says:

      Hi Scott; I was able to make it to a couple of papers and also to hang out with Bruce and Taeko Brooks a bit. The papers were stimulating as was seeing and meeting people and chatting with them. Bryan Van Norden took some pictures; I’ll have to see if they’re linkable.

      I’d be interested in some follow-up posts based on presented papers…

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