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Interest in Panel on Confucian-Buddhist Historiography?

Keith Knapp passes on the following request:

Tanya Storch, Professor of Buddhist Studies at the University of the Pacific, would like to get in touch with someone who would be interested in writing and submitting a proposal for the AAR on Confucian-Buddhist Sense of Human History (both personal and communal): Comparative Approach. She has been working on various issues pertaining to Buddhist historiography for quite a number of years and can produce such a paper easily. She can also find a colleague who will produce a paper on the Buddhist side of things rather easily. They are now interested in finding a few scholars of Confucianism who might be interested in doing this comparative panel. If you are interested in doing a paper on a Confucian sense of Human History and are interested in our panel, they would greatly appreciate your contacting them:

Tanya Storch, Ph.D.
Professor of Buddhist Studies
University of the Pacific

Announcing the Center for East Asian and Comparative Philosophy

P.J. Ivanhoe writes with the news that the new Center for East Asian and Comparative Philosophy (CEACOP) at the City University of Hong Kong is now officially open for business. He says: “We are just getting started, but you can find the start of our festivities at our web page: http://www6.cityu.edu.hk/sa/ceacop/.” Congratulations! For those who’d like to learn more about the Center, contact information is on the website.


Japanese Philosophy

Friend of the blog, Carl Johnson, has his own blog about Japanese philosophy, here: http://japanphilosophy.com/. From his About page:

The Japanese Philosophy Blog is a blog that is aimed helping publicize English language resources for thinking about Japanese philosophy, ancient and modern. Currently, the blog is maintained by Carl M. Johnson of the University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa, but anyone interested in collaborating is invited to contribute. Please contact me if you have something you would like publicized on the site, or you would like to become a contributor.

(We will add this to our links list.)

Call for Papers: 9th Annual Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought (Submission Deadline Extended)

9th Annual Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought

University of Dayton/Wright State University

Dayton, OH

May 10-11, 2013




The Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought was created to foster dialogue and interaction between scholars and students working on Chinese thought across different disciplines and through a variety of approaches. Submissions are invited for papers on any aspect of Chinese thought, as well as papers dealing with comparative issues that engage Chinese perspectives. Possible themes for submissions include: examining how recovered texts reframe familiar issues and debates in early Chinese thought; texts, movements, and figures from neglected eras and traditions; the current renaissance of philosophy and religious studies in China.


This year’s MCCT will be held on Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11 at the University of Dayton and Wright State University, in Dayton, OH.


To facilitate blind review, please submit abstracts of 1-2 pages in length to Patricia Johnson at pjohnson2@udayton.edu by MARCH 15th.  For further inquiries about this year’s MCCT, contact Alexus McLeod at gmcleod1@udayton.edu or Judson Murray at judson.murray@wright.edu.