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Virtue Ethics and Confucianism Book Inches Toward Publication


I am happy to report that the book that Michael Slote and I have been editing, Virtue Ethics and Confucianism, will see the light of day before too many more months pass. Routledge now has a webpage for the book which includes its cover, table of contents, and so on, and it can even be pre-ordered. For those of you who are neither independently wealthy nor buyers for academic libraries (i.e., virtually anyone reading this), please be assured that a more reasonably-priced paperback edition will be forthcoming in a couple more years.


SJSU Symposium: Yi-Jing Philosophy and Contemporary Philosophy & Society

SJSU Center for Comparative Philosophy Workshop/Conference Series presents a symposium:

Yi-Jing Philosophy and Contemporary Philosophy & Society

Co-Sponsors: SJSU Philosophy Department & Dr. Chaote Lin Endowment
Time: 4th April 2013, Thursday, 10:00-17:00
Place: Conference Room 225-229, King Library,
San Jose State University, San Jose, California, USA

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