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New Articles Coming at SEP

Karyn Lai and Sor-hoon Tan have recently joined the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy as new editors in the Chinese philosophy area, and are undertaking an ambitious program to increase the number of articles on Chinese philosophy from the current dozen up to nearly 40. The SEP’s lack of content in Chinese philosophy has been a topic of discussion here in the past, so this is exciting news. Articles anticipated to come out over the next year include: Chinese Philosophy: Social and Political Thought, Chinese Epistemology, Chinese Metaphysics, Chinese Logic, Chinese Philosophy of War and Peace, Legalism in Ancient China, Tiantai Buddhism, Chan Buddhism, Han Dynasty Syncretism, Song-Ming Confucianism, Qing dynasty philosophy, Contemporary Chinese Philosophy.

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New Book Series

Sor-hoon Tan has asked me to share information about the new Bloomsbury Research Handbooks in Asian Philosophy.

Bringing together established academics and rising stars, Bloomsbury Research Handbooks in Asian Philosophy survey philosophical topics across all the main schools of Asian thought. Each volume focuses on the history and development of a core subject in a single tradition, asking how the field has changed, highlighting current disputes, anticipating new directions of study, illustrating the Western philosophical significance of a subject and demonstrating why a topic is important for understanding Asian thought.

The first set of titles includes:

  • The Bloomsbury Research Handbook to Chinese Philosophy and Gender, Edited by Ann A. Pang-White, University of Scranton, USA
  • The Bloomsbury Research Handbook to Indian Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art, Edited by Arindam Chakrabarti, University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA
  • The Bloomsbury Research Handbook to Indian Epistemology and Metaphysics, Edited by Joerg Tuske, Salisbury University, USA

Forthcoming volumes include: Chinese Aesthetics; Chinese Moral Psychology; Chinese Philosophy and Methodology; Indian Ethics; Indian Philosophy and Gender

More information is available here.

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Changes at Warp, Weft, and Way

Manyul and I would like to announce a few changes here at the blog. First, Chris Fraser has decided to change his status from one of the blog’s administrators to simply a contributor; we thank Chris for his help and advice over the years, especially with our move to the commercial server that has enabled the blog to be generally accessible in China.

Second, we seek nominations, including self-nominations, for a small number of Content Acquisition Editors, who will be responsible for seeking out contributions and contributors to the blog’s content, principally for our Feature Post category. The ideal Editor would be someone who is knowledgeable about the work of scholars in Chinese and/or Comparative philosophy (both professionally affiliated and independent) in his or her general geographic area or specialized area of study.  We request of all willing nominees a current CV and a brief list of ideas for potential content. Content Acquisiion Editors–who also will be able to post their own contributions, of course–will be listed on the blog’s homepage. All nominations should be sent via email to Manyul and me (mim@fairfield.edu, sangle@wesleyan.edu).

Third, we are happy to announce that we have concluded an arrangement with Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy whereby one article each issue will: (1) be made available for free on-line access, and (2) have a dedicated period of discussion on the blog, led off by a Featured Post that offers a precis of the article and a few critical comments. The article’s author will follow the discussion and offer her or his answers and observations. We will have news about the first article in this WW&W – Dao collaboration soon.

Best wishes for the Holidays and New Year,

Steve & Manyul

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NTU Postdoctoral Fellowships

Nanyang Technological University is offering Postdoctoral Fellowships in interdisciplinary humanities; philosophy is one of the disciplines listed, and Chinese philosophy is a strength of NTU (located in Singapore).

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