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New Content Editor at Warp, Weft, and Way

We are happy to announce that Tim Connolly is going to serve as our first Content Acquisition Editor, with a focus on comparative methods, including the comparison of ways that we all have approached Chinese-Western comparative philosophy, with comparative approaches in other areas. Please see the Contributor page for Tim’s bio. We look forward to working with him!

Diversity at APA

For those who attended the APA Eastern meeting this year, the APA just sent out an online survey, part of which has to do with diversity issues.  I’d like to suggest that those who are concerned about the lack of non-Western philosophy in the main program include mention of this at the end of the survey.  They seem to view diversity mainly with regard to people, but I think it should be extended to include fields.

Just a thought.


Workshop on Early Chinese Philosophy in Context

The Department of East Asian Studies at Princeton University hosts:
“Philosophy of the Past: Early Chinese Philosophy in Context”

A One-day Workshop With:
PAUL GOLDIN (University of Pennsylvania)
JANE GEANEY (University of Richmond)

On: February 22 (Sat) 2014

Please see the announcement below. The workshop is open to all, but we ask for pre-registration. Please note that we cannot be responsible for meals and accommodation. If you wish to attend, please RSVP to Mercedes Valmisa at mvalmisa@princeton.edu.

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Rong Jian Critiques “New Authoritarian” Revival

China Policy is an impressive commercial website that has been sending me teasers…and the most recent one contains a bit I thought I’d share: a fascinating essay by a contemporary Chinese political theorist critiquing the idea that China ought to pursue a form of “new authoritarianism” that will lead ultimately to democracy. Instead, says Rong Jian, it may well lead to fascism. I think this link will take you to the page with the essay.