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A Report on “Philosophy of the Past: Early Chinese Philosophy in Context”

Philosophy of the Past: Early Chinese Philosophy in Context

Report by:

Tom Mazanec, Kay Duffy

On a chilly late-winter morning, as the sun pierced through leafless tree branches and the dotted snowscape melted into auguries of spring, a small band of scholars met in Princeton University’s Jones Hall to discuss methods for studying early Chinese philosophy.[1] Organized by two Princeton graduate students, Mercedes Valmisa and Sara Vantournhout, the conference drew approximately twenty-five attendees to hear four main presentations and several hours of lively debate. Martin Kern (Princeton) served as moderator for presentations by Carine Defoort (KU Leuven), Jane Geaney (University of Richmond), Mark Csikszentmihalyi (University of California, Berkeley), and Paul Goldin (University of Pennsylvania) on topics ranging across a wide variety of early texts, employing four distinct methodologies.

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Chinese Confucians Call for Greater Role for Confucian Temples

The following open letter has been circulating on the internet, signed by a long list of individuals, mostly academic scholars of Confucianism. They call for the repair, renovation, and re-opening of Confucian Temples around China; for expanding the roles of these temples (mainly in education); and for reorganizing the administration of the temples to move away from commercial goals. I apologize for not having the time right now to translate it.

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