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A New Kind of “Chinese” Philosophy

I was in Taiwan a few weeks ago and picked up a newish (2011) book: 《漢語哲學新視域》or New Horizons of Chinese Philosophy. The term for “Chinese philosophy” here is hanyu zhexue: the standard word for “philosophy” coupled with a term that means “Chinese language.” The collection of essays (edited by 汪文聖 Wang Wensheng) is divided into four section:

  • Viewing Earlier Chinese Philosophy from the Perspective of Today’s Problematiques
  • Viewing Western Philosophy from the Perspective of the Problematiques of Chinese Philosophy (zhongguo zhexue 中國哲學)
  • Viewing Chinese philosophy (zhongguo zhexue 中國哲學) from the Perspective of Western philosophy’s Problematiques
  • Viewing Western Philosophy from the Perspective of Universal Problematiques

One of the most interesting papers in this collection, which also nicely showcases the idea of “Chinese [-language] philosophy,” is Fabien Heubel (何乏筆)’s “漢語哲學在台灣:當代儒學與跨文化修養論的前景 Taiwan and the Potential of Contemporary Philosophy in Chinese [i.e., hanyu zhexue — SA] — On the Prospects of a Transcultural Theory of Cultivation.” Here is his abstract:

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CFP: ISCP at 2015 Central APA

Huaiyu Wang writes…

Dear ISCP and Researchers in Chinese Philosophy:

I would like to invite submission of paper or panel proposal for the ISCP’s panel at APA, Central, to be held at Hilton at the Ball Park hotel, St. Louis, Missouri, February 18-21, 2015. Submission Deadline: Sep. 10, 2014. (Early submission encouraged and appreciated)

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