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Angle at Columbia Neo-Confucianism Seminar

I’ll be discussing some of Justin Tiwald’s and my work-in-progress at next week’s Neo-Confucianism seminar; hope to see some of you there! Here’s the official announcement:

The next session of the Columbia University Seminar on Neo-Confucian Studies (Seminar #567) will convene Friday, March 6, 2015 from 3:30 to 5:30pm in the Heyman Center for the Humanities at Columbia University. Steve Angle will present the paper “Varieties of Knowing,” which is a draft of Chapter 5 of a forthcoming work (co-written with Justin Tiwald) titled Neo-Confucianism: A Philosophical Introduction. All are welcome to attend. Please contact  Deborah Sommer (dsommer@gettysburg.edu) if you’d like a copy of the paper.

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