Daily Archives: May 6, 2015

New Email Subscription Option

For those of you who may have been unceremoniously dropped from your email subscriptions (to new post notifications) when our site underwent a “routine” update a couple of months ago, we have added a different — and more convenient, by Postmatic’s own advertising — subscription service from  on the far right menu.

One of the new features that I haven’t tested yet is the ability to comment directly from the email in which the post is sent. I guess we will find out soon enough.

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First lecture in new Taiwan series

For those in Taiwan, this lecture on the future of cross-straits relations from a Confucian perspective may be of interest; it is announced as the first in a new series of lectures of Confucian perspectives on contemporary civil society issues):

講 題:兩岸關係應如何走
時 間:民國一0四年五月七日(週四)晚上七點至九點
地 點:臺灣師大誠正勤樸大樓的九樓政治學研究所多