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Chinese and Comparative Philosophy 中國哲學與比較哲學

FPC Journal Welcomes Submissions

Frontiers of Philosophy in China (FPC) is an international philosophical quarterly, founded in 2006. It is has been published by both Brill and Higher Education Press since 2011.

Frontiers of Philosophy in China (FPC) aims to disseminate new scholarly achievements in the field of broadly defined philosophy, and to promote philosophical research of the highest level by publishing peer-reviewed academic articles that facilitate communication and cooperation among philosophers in China and abroad. The journal covers nearly all the main branches of philosophy, with priority given to original works on Chinese philosophy and to comparative studies between Chinese philosophy and other types of philosophy in the world.

FPC welcomes your submissions. For more information, please see here.

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New Book: Eichman on Late Ming

Jennifer Eichman’s important study of late-Ming thought and practice is about to be published:

A Late Sixteenth-Century Chinese Buddhist Fellowship: Spiritual Ambitions, Intellectual Debates, and Epistolary Connections (Brill, 2016)

For more details, see here. Congratulations, Jennifer!

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Two New Books

Two recent books of interest:

Sun, Zhenbin, Language, Discourse, and Praxis in Ancient China (Springer, 2015)

King, R.A.H., ed., The Good Life and Conceptions of Life in Early China and Graeco-Roman Antiquity (De Gruyter, 2015)


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Interviews about East Asian Studies Books

The website New Books in East Asian Studies posts lovely interviews with the authors of, you guessed it, new books in East Asian Studies, some of which fall into our collective areas of interest. Check it out!

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Teach Yourself Classical Chinese

I have recently become aware of Mark Edward Lewis’s on-line classical Chinese course. Looks valuable!

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CFP: AAR Confucian Traditions Group

Confucian Traditions Group

Statement of Purpose:
This Group is committed to the study of the diversity of religious traditions associated with Confucius and his followers, including areas where Confucian thought and practice intersect with those of other traditions. The Group embraces historical, philosophical, and dialogical approaches, and is not located in any single country or discipline.

Call for Papers:
This Group invites proposals concerning any aspect of Confucianism from any geographical area in any historical field with any methodological orientation.

For more details, including topics of particular interest and whom to contact, please see this webpage.

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