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Chinese and Comparative Philosophy 中國哲學與比較哲學

C&CP on Decolonializing Comparative Methodologies

The current issue of Comparative and Continental Philosophy (issue 7:2) has some excellent, provocative material on the methodology of comparative philosophy. I particularly recommend:

  • Amy K. Donahue & Rohan Kalyan, “Introduction: On the Imperative, Challenges, and Prospects of Decolonizing Comparative Methodologies”


  • David Haekwon Kim, “José Mariátegui’s East-South Decolonial Experiment”


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Hutton’s Xunzi now out in paperback

Good news:  Princeton University Press is pleased to present the publication of the paperback edition of Xunzi: The Complete Text by Xunzi, translated and with an introduction by Eric L. Hutton, for course use.

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Book Review: Jenco, Changing Referents

Xinyu Li reviews Leigh Jenco, Changing Referents: Learning Across Space and Time in China and the West (OUP, 2015) here.

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