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Call for short essays on new International Blog “Varieties of Well-Being”

Owen Flanagan and Wenqing Zhao write…

As part of our Templeton-St. Louis funded “Varieties of Well-Being” project, Owen Flanagan and Wenqing Zhao are inaugurating an international blog on well-being in different cultural traditions. We desire to engage in public outreach and to advance the cause of cross-cultural philosophy of well-being. In addition, we seek to help create a passion among people in and outside academia for learning from, not just about, other traditions. An international blog on comparative well-being is designed to share the fruit of the project with broader, international audiences.

We hereby invite you, as someone with experience of multicultural worlds, to write a short essay (200-450 words) on well-being that involves a comparative or cross-cultural aspect. It can be based on your own cultural experience or something that you have observed; a story, a moment or a piece of thought that showcases the variety of cultural norms for living a good life. Details follow below!

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CFP: Cross-cultural Studies in Well-Being


Final Submission Deadline: September 1, 2017; 500 word proposals will be received until October 15, 2016

Special Issue Title: Cross-cultural Studies in Well-Being, a special journal issue in Science, Religion & Culture, an international peer reviewed open access journal.

Guest edited by: Prof. Owen Flanagan and Dr. Wenqing Zhao, The Center for Comparative Philosophy, Duke University, Durham, NC USA 27708

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