Daily Archives: August 3, 2017

NEH Summer Institute on Philosophy as a Way of Life

I am happy to announce that Stephen Grimm (Fordham), Meghan Sullivan (Notre Dame), and I have received a grant from the NEH to run a 2-week Summer Institute in July 2018 called “Reviving Philosophy as a Way of Life.” We will be drawing on Confucian and Buddhist traditions, among others. Some more details are here; I will announce here at Warp, Weft, and Way when applications open, later in the fall, in case anyone is interested.

Interestingly, if Justin at Daily Nous is correct, then the only two NEH Summer Seminars or Institutes awarded to philosophers both have significant non-Western components (the other one is “Self-Knowledge in Eastern and Western Philosophies Project” directed by Christian Coseru and colleagues).

Reminder: World Congress of Philosophy 2018

The XXIV World Congress of Philosophy will take place in Beijing next year (August 13-20, 2018). This should be an occasion to highlight all aspects of Chinese philosophy. For more information on sections, topics, deadlines, etc., see here. All proposals are welcome!

[NOTE: Please contact the organizers on the linked website with any questions or requests. Posting a question about the World Congress in the comments section here on our website may not be very useful.]