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Request for info and assistance on translation

The following is an open letter from Hans Kuijper and Wang Ronghua; please see below for their contact info, and respond directly to them if you are interested in the project here described. Of course, discussion on the blog of the ideas raised here is also encouraged! (I have edited the letter slightly.)

To whom it may concern:

The resurrection of China over the last three decades or so has taken the world by surprise, and the cause(s), nature, scale and speed of her transformation have been the subject of numerous publications in the Western world. The mounting interest in the country that fast moves to the center stage of world politics is not confined to universities, for more and more people outside of academia are curious about China’s economy, polity, society, history, and culture. Though it is questionable whether all these publications are based on solid research and bear witness to a sound theory, it is certain that many misconceptions about China prevail, misconceptions that may easily result in the pursuit of wrong, if not disastrous, policies towards it.

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