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Diversity in Philosophy Journals: A Discussion

This morning at the APA Pacific there was a wide-ranging discussion on the topic of diversity in philosophy journals. The session was chaired by Eric Schwitzgebel, who introduced it as possibly the largest panel ever at the Pacific APA, featuring 7 presenters including Manyul Im, and 15 journal editor-panelists including Franklin Perkins. The audience was also substantial. Continue reading →

Sanders Reviews Virág at BMCR

Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2018.03.58 (on the BMCR blog)

Curie Virág, The Emotions in Early Chinese Philosophy. Emotions of the past. New York: Oxford University Press, 2017. Pp. xiii, 219. ISBN 9780190498818. $90.00.

Reviewed by Ed Sanders, University of Roehampton (ed.sanders@roehampton.ac.uk)

Early Chinese philosophy is outside the usual range of BMCR’s interests, but this review considers the book from a Classicist’s perspective. The period covered by the volume is the early-5th to the late-3rd centuries BCE, the ‘Warring States’ period in China, when political disunity created the situations in which a number of philosophers and their schools could flourish. These schools were characterized inter alia by a wide range of views on emotion, and this volume examines the place of emotions within their various natural, psychological, ethical and political philosophies. The exact mix of these varies quite considerably between schools.
The introduction notes that the primary term for ‘emotions’ (qing) developed early in this period out of its earlier meaning of ‘how things are’, and includes both objective and subjective aspects. Lists of ‘basic feelings’ comprised some or all of “joy (xi), anger (nu), sadness (ai), delight/pleasure (le), fear (ju), love (ai), dislike (wu), and desire (yu)” (p. 6, Chinese characters removed). This suggests that other emotions might involve more complex mixtures of these – though the point is not developed.

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Initial Announcement: ISCP 2019 Conference

Though not yet a call for papers, which I will post here in due course, this initial announcement of the 2019 ISCP Conference should be of use as readers plan for next year.

ISCP 21st International Conference on Chinese Philosophy

Tuesday 2nd July- Friday 5th July, 2019

“Reality, Argumentation, and Persuasion:  Metaphysical Explorations and Epistemological Engagements  in Chinese Philosophy”

University of Berne, Institute of Philosophy, Switzerland


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Call for Applications: Intensive Program in Buddhism

Call for Applications: An International and Intensive Program on Buddhism at Cambridge

August 20-September 10, 2018; Cambridge, United Kingdom

The Glorisun Global Network of Buddhist Studies at UBC, with the assistance from its partner at Cambridge and the Research Center for Buddhist Texts and Arts at Peking University, cordially invites applications for an intensive program on Buddhist Studies. Lasting for three weeks from August 20 to September 10, 2018, this program is composed of two segments: Segment 1 from August 20 to August 29 and Segment 2 from September 1 to September 10, which are connected by an intersegmental conference (detailed below).

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