Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography

I’d like to pass on some information I’ve received concerning the “Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography” (DCB), from Marjolijn (Mar) KAISER 柯悠伦, China Projects Coordinator. She writes:

…We are proud to present a set of sample pages, including three articles from different periods, by Frank Billé, Frances Wood, and Jonathan Fenby, an introduction by our editor in chief, Kerry Brown, a list of entries, and character lists and glossaries. You can view these sample pages here:

Certain articles have proven to be more difficult to assign than expected, including many emperors, military leaders, and even philosophers. We are very keen on including the following unassigned figures; please contact me if you are interested:

  • Emperor Xuan of Han (Liu Bingji)
  • Emperor Zhao of Han (Liu Fuling)
  • Emperor Taizu of Liao (Abaoji)
  • Emperor Taizong of Song (Zhao Kuangyin)
  • Emperor Huizong of Song (Zhao Ji)
  • Emperor Hongwu of Ming (Zhu Yuanzhang)
  • Emperor Yongle of Ming (Zhu Di)
  • Emperor Kangxi of Qing (Aixin-Jueluo Xuanye)
  • Emperor Qianlong of Qing (Aixin-Jueluo Hongli)
  • Cao Cao
  • Dong Zhongshu
  • Hong Xiuquan
  • Lin Zexu
  • Mencius
  • Nurhaci
  • Ouyang Xiu
  • Qu Yuan
  • Sun Yat-sen
  • Sunzi
  • Xunzi
  • Yu the Great
  • Yuan Shikai
  • Yue Fei
  • Zhuge Liang

I would also like to use this opportunity to introduced Berkshire’s new online publication, ChinaConnectU. We have been adding articles and teaching materials, and are building networks to connect those who teach about China in middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. Contributors to the DCB will get free access to ChinaConnectU, and we invite you to explore this project at Over time, we will be adding articles from the DCB, as well as building a larger biographical database and linking to existing resources and other Berkshire publications. For some lighter (and random) reading on music, doors, lanterns, and digging all the way to China, visit our staff blog at

Our office has been buzzing with activity, as my colleague Bill Siever is finishing the 10-volume “Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability.” Volume 7 focuses exclusively on China, India, and East and Southeast Asia, and might be of interest to you or your colleagues. For more information on this publication, please visit

If you have any further questions regarding the “Dictionary of Chinese Biography” or any of our other projects, please do contact me or our publisher Karen Christensen ( I’ll be happy to pass on any questions to our board of advisors or editor in chief, Kerry Brown.

Wishing you a wonderful summer (or winter, for those of you in the southern hemisphere),


Marjolijn (Mar) KAISER 柯悠伦, China Projects Coordinator

Berkshire Publishing Group LCC

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