Suggestions for 2nd Edition of Doing Philosophy Comparatively?

An editor at Bloomsbury contacted me about putting together a 2nd edition of my book Doing Philosophy Comparatively. In the next couple of months we’ll be gathering suggestions about what to add the new edition, which will include about 30% new material, and we’re trying to get as much feedback about the current edition as possible. If you have looked at the book and thought certain topics were missing or that parts of it could be expanded or have other suggestions for improvement, please send me an email at Many thanks!

4 thoughts on “Suggestions for 2nd Edition of Doing Philosophy Comparatively?

  1. As Tim knows, I use this book every Fall in a “methods” course (Philosophy Research and Writing). One of the major writing assignments is a book review—of this book. Although I am not teaching the course this Fall due to a sabbatic leave, my colleague who is filling in for me is teaching it nearly identically to how I do, so more feedback from CCSU is forthcoming.

    I would like to recommend that others consider using this book in such a course, or to draw from it “behind the scenes” in conceiving of other classes, such as Intro to Philosophy or Intro to Ethics—classes that clearly could be invigorated by comparative approaches.

    Tim, congratulations on the prospect of a second edition! It is really deserved.

  2. Terrific news! I used this book in a directed study several years ago and I’m planning to do so again this spring with a handful of advanced undergrads. When do you think the 2nd edition will be available?

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