A Conference on “Sinophone Philosophy 汉语哲学”

I posted once before about the idea of “Sinophone philosophy (i.e, Chinese-language philosophy; Hanyu Zhexue 汉语哲学),” here. I was recently invited to a conference on the subject (alas, I won’t be able to attend), and thought that the three main topics on which the conference will focus might be of interest to some:

一、对于中国哲学史中传统思想之当代的、具方法论自觉的理论性重构。[1. Topics concerning the contemporary, methodologically self-conscious theoretical reconstruction of traditional thought from the history of China’s philosophy.]

二、以西方哲学为对象、然而能与汉语世界相关研究成果批判地对话之学术研究。[2. Topics that take Western philosophy as their objects, but use research results from the Sinosphere (i.e., Chinese-language world) to undertake critical, dialogical, academic research.]

三、立基并取材于汉语世界文化传统、而对哲学问题所进行的独立反思。[3. Topics that base themselves in and use results from the cultural traditions of the Sinosphere, and undertake independent reflection on philosophical topics.]

As comparative philosophers reflect on how to undertake philosophical work in a way that reflects our pluralistic world and does not privilege “Western” philosophy simply because of its current historical dominance (which is in part the result of the successes of Euro-American capitalism and colonialism), I think that Sinophone Philosophy is a stimulating concept worth our attention.

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