Dao ToC and Free Access to Loy’s Article on Mohism

Issue 12:4 of Dao: A Journal of Comparatie Philosophy is now available on-line; see below for the Table of Contents. I’d like to call everyone’s attention to the fact that Hui-chieh Loy’s article, “On the Argument for Jian’ai,” is available for free access to everyone (just click on the “Full Text PDF” link for that article below). Next week, we will host some discussion of this article here on the blog, to be led off by an intial “featured post” on the subject by Dan Robins. Please read through Loy’s article and take part in the conversation!

In this issue:
Confucius’ Complaints and the Analects’ Account of the Good Life
Amy Olberding
Abstract    <cda_displayimage.jpg>Full text PDF

Confucianism, Democracy, and the Virtue of Deference
Aaron Stalnaker
Abstract    Full text PDF

Wang Yangming and the Way of World Philosophy
Hwa Yol Jung
Abstract    Full text PDF

On the Argument for Jian’ai
Hui-chieh Loy
Abstract    Full text PDF

Ontic Indeterminacy and Paradoxical Language: A Philosophical Analysis of Sengzhao’s Linguistic Thought
Chien-hsing Ho
Abstract    Full text PDF

Chinese Ink Brush Writing, Body Mimesis, and Responsiveness
Mathias Obert
Abstract    Full text PDF

Bai, Tongdong, China: The Political Philosophy of the Middle Kingdom
Kurtis G. Hagen
Abstract    Full text PDF

Chen, Lai 陳來, Ancient Religion and Ethics: Sources of Confucian Thought 宗教與倫理: 儒家思想的根源, Yunchen Wenhua 允辰文化, Taipei 台北, 2005, 375 pages; and The World of Ancient Thought and Culture: Religion, Ethics, and Social Thought in the Spring and Autumn Period 古代思想文化世界—春秋時代的宗教、倫理與社會思想, Sanlian Shudian 三聯書店, Beijing 北京, 2002, 418 pages
Elizabeth Woo Li
Abstract    Full text PDF

Ing, Michael David Kaulana, The Dysfunction of Ritual in Early Confucianism
Kenneth W. Holloway
Abstract    Full text PDF

Wang, Robin R., Yinyang: The Way of Heaven and Earth in Chinese Thought and Culture
Joseph A. Adler
Abstract    Full text PDF

Zhang, Tao 張濤, Confucius in the United States: The Image of Confucius in U.S. Newspapers since 1849 孔子在美國 : 1849 年以來孔子在美國報紙上的形象變遷
Xin Chen
Abstract    Full text PDF

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