ACPA Call For Commentators for 2013 Pacific APA Group Sessions

[From Dr. Bai Tongdong, ACPA President and Professor of Philosophy, Fudan University]

Dear all,

The Association of Chinese Philosophers in North America (ACPA) will try to host two panels at 2013 Pacific Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association (APA).  Due to the limitation of space, the second panel might not be accepted by APA (this happens to all group meetings), but we are very hopeful.  Each presentation will have a commentator to comment on.  Please reply to me at baitongdong [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested in commenting on any of the six presentations we are going to propose to APA.  Thank you for your considerations!
Best wishes,

Association of Chinese Philosophers in North America (ACPA) Group Panels at the APA Pacific Convention

March 27-30, 2013, at the Westin St Francis in San Francisco



Requested Group Session 1: Mencius, Xunzi, Empirical Psychology, and Virtue Ethics

Time: 2 hours



Speaker: Ellie Hua Wang, National ChenChi University

Title: “The New Situationist Challenge and a Potential Xunzian Reply”



Speaker: Kai Wang, Beijing Normal University

Title: “Confucian Ethics as Virtue Ethics–A Case Study based on Xunzi”



Speaker: Wenqing Zhao, City Univ. of Hong Kong

Title: “Is Contemporary Chinese Society Inhumane?  What Mencius and Empirical Psychology Have to Say”


Requested Group Session 2: Chinese philosophy and the European tradition

Time: 2 Hours


Speaker: May Sim, College of the Holy Cross

Title: “Traveling with Laozi and Plato”



Speaker: Weigang Chen, University of Macau

Title: “Confucian Marxism—A Reflection on Religion and Global Justice”

Speaker: Yitian Zhai, SUNY-Buffalo

Title: “Forgottenness of Being vis-à-vis Forgetting of Text–An Exploration of Derrida’s Critique of Heidegger Through a Chinese Philosophical Perspective”



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