CFP: Adventures in Chinese Realism

Eirik Harris (CityU Hong Kong) and Henry Schneider (CityU Seattle) launched a project called “Adventures in Chinese Realism”. It has a twofold aim. First, it is about re-discovering the Classics of Chinese Realism, for example Han Fei, Shen Dao, Guanzi, etc. Second, it is about applying Chinese Realim to actual issues in political philosophy (at large), for example, assessing Confucian revivalism, dealing with so-called corporate ethics, recasting checks and balances, etc.

So far, two panels were organized and held. The first during the APA Pacific session in 2017 and the second at the ISCP conference in 2017. So far, Gordon Mower, PC Lo, Jeremy Huang, Wilson Lee, and Eirik Harris presented their work. These activities shall continue in the future. Once there is enough material of high quality, an edited book becomes an option.

Call for papers / interest: Graduate students and faculty are cordially invited to submit any abstracts / papers for inclusion under this project. Near-term goal is to put together a panel for the APA Pacific conference in 2018.


Eirik Harris:

Henry Schneider:

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