Announcing the Greek Sinologists Council

A message from Dimitra Amarantidou 易冬蘭, Coordinator of the Greek Sinologists Council:

Dear Colleagues,

The Greek Sinologists Council (GSC) is a regional branch of the World Council of Sinology which was established by the Beijing Language and Culture University and has brought together 200 sinologists and translators from 61 countries. The GSC is now inviting scholars of Greek origin who conduct research in sinology and related fields to participate in our programs.

We seek to create a community of scholars dedicated to promoting the study of Chinese philosophy, language, history, and culture. We want to encourage dialogue among Greek sinologists, collaborate on research initiatives, and establish connections with sinologists across the globe.

All Greek scholars actively engaged in research related to any aspect of sinology, regardless of background or level of degree, are invited to contact us.

How to Join:

Express your interest in joining the GSC by reaching out to Dimitra Amarantidou at with a CV and brief introduction outlining your expertise and interest in sinology.

We look forward to your participation.

Dimitra Amarantidou 易冬蘭

Coordinator of the Greek Sinologists Council

Regional Representative of the World Council of Sinology (Greece)

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