Warp, Weft, and Way

Chinese and Comparative Philosophy 中國哲學與比較哲學


  1. Wow! Look forward to the response from BKU.

  2. Sorry, PKU. haha.

  3. Does anyone/everyone find his arguments persuasive?

  4. I haven’t read the piece – it would be very time-consuming for me – but it would seem that either Xing is proposing that someone had access to ancient blank bamboos, or these bamboos were never carbon-tested!

  5. Thies Staack has written on this now: “Could the Peking University Laozi 老子 really be a forgery? Some skeptical remarks,” available on his Academia.edu page.

  6. See also Chris Foster’s rebuttal in the latest _Early China_: INTRODUCTION TO THE PEKING UNIVERSITY HAN BAMBOO STRIPS: ON THE AUTHENTICATION AND STUDY OF PURCHASED MANUSCRIPTS https://doi.org/10.1017/eac.2017.2

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