Article of Interest: Confucian Political Moralism

Wenqing Zhao’s article “Huang Zongxi’s Confucian political moralism” has recently been published in the British Journal for the History of Philosophy. In this paper, Zhao argues that the similarities that Huang Zongxi shares with liberalism and republicanism are superficial. Rather, Zhao illustrates how Huang’s political philosophy is best read as a decisive Confucian political moralism.

One thought on “Article of Interest: Confucian Political Moralism

  1. Hello.
    Nothing against Confucian Political Moralism. Assuming it was present, active and influential in the time of the great teacher, there must have been ample reason for it. What I find disturbing, or outright offensive, are the moral stances now being concocted and codified in the West. Even established societies are not immune to this plague…as if another is needed right now. I have been reading of authoritarian populism, and discussing that phenomenon with associates and fellow thinkers. It is far too akin to Fascism to suit us. Even Canadians, usually bastions of stoicism and pragmatism are alarmed.

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