Asian Philosophy 24:2 T of C

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Yu Kil-chun’s Moral Idea of Civilization and Project to Make All People Gentlemen

Yeonsik Choi
pages 103-120

Absolute-Brahma: Royce and the Upanishads

Joshua M. Hall
pages 121-132

The Rāga Bhāva in the Sāṁkhya Kārikā: Rectifying an Age-Old Mistake

Kumar Alok
pages 133-146

Reviving the Past for the Future?: The (In)compatibility between Confucianism and Democracy in Contemporary China

Demin Duan
pages 147-157

The Body in Spiritual Exercise: A Comparative Study between Epictetan Askēsis and Early Buddhist Meditation

Jiangxia Yu
pages 158-177

A Buddhist Take on Gilbert Ryle’s Theory of Mind

Chien-Te Lin
pages 178-196

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