Asian Philosophy: 33:4

Taylor and Francis Online is happy to announce that they have published a new issue of Asian Philosophy, 33:4. Please read below for a table of contents.

Did Mīrdāmād believe in the primacy of quiddity?
Hamid Reza Khademi and Reza Hesari

The multifaceted perspective: Confucius’ political philosophy as manifested in his perception and engagement with Ji Shi 季氏 (the Ji family)
Tae-Seung Lim

On being “without-desire” in Lao-Zhuang Daoism
Jacob Bender

A contextual review of the Nei 內 (internality) / Wai 外 (externality) debate in the Mencius
Yuzhou Yang

Zhuangzi as externalist: Reconciling two interpretations of the Happy Fish debate
Ranie B. Villaver

Guo Xiang’s account of ideal personhood: Self-fulfillment without the admiration of sages
Wai Wai Chiu

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