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New Book: Daoist Resonances in Heidegger

Bloomsbury is happy to announce that they be will publishing a book titled Daoist Resonances in Heidegger: Exploring a Forgotten Debt edited by David Chai on December 28th 2023. This book discusses how Daoist thought provided Martin Heidegger with a new perspective, equipping him with images, concepts, and meanings that enabled him to continue his questioning of the nature of being. Please click here to preorder or check out the book.

New Book: Xiang, Chinese Cosmopolitanism

Princeton University Press is happy to announce a new book titled Chinese Cosmopolitanism: The History and Philosophy of an Idea by Shuchen Xiang. In this new book, the author argues that the Chinese cultural tradition was, from its formative beginnings and throughout its imperial history, a cosmopolitan melting pot that synthesized the different cultures that came into its orbit.  Xiang explains that “Chinese” identity is not what the West understands as a racial identity; it is not a group of people related by common descent or heredity but rather a hybrid of coalescing cultures. Please click here to read more about the book and or to purchase it!

CFP: ISCWP at 2024 APA Pacific Division Meeting

The International Society for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy is happy to announce that they are inviting scholars to submit proposals for individual papers to be included in a potential ISCWP group session at the 2024 APA Pacific Division meeting. This meeting is going to be held at Hilton Portland, Portland, Oregon from March 20th to 23rd 2024, and is anticipated to be an in-person event.  They welcome submissions that engage with topics aligning with the comparative study of Chinese and Western philosophy. Please read below for information.

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Lecture Announcement: The Unfinished Project of Miki Kiyoshi

The Department of Philosophy at the National Chengchi University is happy to announce that they will be hosting a lecture both in person and virtually titled “The Unfished Project of Miki Kiyoshi”. The speaker for this lecture will be Professor Noe Keiichi alongside discussant Professor Lin Chen-kuo. The lecture will take place at Room 106, BaiNian Building, National Chengchi University on October, 5th, 2023 (1500-1700 Taiwan time) or you can join online by clicking the link here. Read on for more.

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Online Lecture: Selfishness & Self-Centeredness

Saint Louis University’s Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (AMES) Center and Department of Philosophy are happy to announce that they will be hosting a Zoom lecture next  Tuesday, September 19th. This lecture is “Selfishness & Self-Centeredness” by Philip J. Ivanhoe from Georgetown University. The aims of this talk are to describe and make clear the philosophically related but distinct notions of selfishness and self-centeredness and show how the latter in particular relates to concerns about oneness, the self, and happiness. Please click here for the flyer or information on registration.

ToC: Asian Studies 11:3

The University of Ljubljana Press has recently released a new issue of Asian Studies 11:3. This issue which includes 14 different articles ranging over a variety of topics is a special issue titled “Humanism, Post-Humanism and Transhumanism in Transcultural Perspective: Asian and European Paradigms”. Please read below for a table of contents.

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CFP: ISCP at APA-Pacific

The International Society for Chinese Philosophy is happy to invite submissions to be considered for inclusion in panels at the upcoming APA Pacific Divison Meeting occurring on March 20-23, 2024 in Portland, OR. Submissions focusing on any area of Chinese philosophy will be considered and they welcome both individual papers as well as completed panel proposals. Please read below for details on submissions.

Submission Deadline: September 10, 2023

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New Book: Rawson, Life and Afterlife in Ancient China

Penguin has recently published Jessica Rawson’s new book Life and Afterlife in Ancient China. Rawson’s new book is a meant to tell a epic new history of Ancient China through the prism of a dozen extraordinary tombs. Life and Afterlife in Ancient China illuminates a constellation of beliefs about life and death very different from our own and provides a remarkable new perspective on one of the oldest civilisations in the world. Please click here for more information on the book or to purchase a copy.