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New Texts in the History of Philosophy Book Series, OUP

The British Society of the History of Philosophy (BSHP) sponsors a book series, published by Oxford University Press, on New Texts in the History of Philosophy. Its aim is to encourage and facilitate the study of all aspects of the history of philosophy, including the rediscovery of neglected elements and the exploration of new approaches to the subject.

More information is available at the BSHP website:

I am particularly, though not exclusively, seeking proposals for translations of texts from the Chinese tradition. Please get in touch with me if you would like to submit a proposal:

Karyn Lai
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

A.R.Davis Memorial Lecture | Daoist plans for a millennium of great peace

Please join the Australian Society for Asian Humanities for the 2022 A.R. Davis Memorial Lecture, to be delivered by Dr Barbara Hendrischke

Date and time
Thu., 27 October 2022, 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time

Online event. Please register here

About this event

In the second century CE, the leaders of the newly founded Daoist religion promised to rescue their followers from the devastation that was accompanying the breakdown of the Han dynasty empire and was expected to soon reach apocalyptic proportions. Believers in Dao would be saved into millennial bliss. The authors of the Scripture on Great Peace (Taipingjing 太平經) saw great peace as universal in scope. It would arrive once human society agreed with heaven’s laws and natural order. So, they devised new social, cultural and administrative guidelines and practices. One example was the plans to improve the flow and reliability of written communication between the people, administrative strata and the imperial court. The authors made practical suggestions for the conveyance of documents and reflected on the role of control and fear in preventing informants at the grassroots from reaching decision-makers.

About the speaker

Barbara Hendrischke has been teaching at the Universities of Melbourne and New South Wales and is now a Research Fellow with the University of Sydney China Studies Centre. Her publications include books on Wenzi (Frankfurt 1974) and the Taipingjing (Berkeley 2006).

Organised by the Australian Society for Asian Humanities, the A.R. Davis Memorial Lecture is held annually to commemorate A.R.Davis, Professor of Oriental Studies at the University of Sydney and an important scholar of Asian Studies in post-war Australia. This year, the event is kindly supported by the University of Sydney China Studies Centre.

Articles published in Philosophy Compass, 2022

Announcing a series of peer-reviewed articles published to date in 2022, in Philosophy Compass

The Confucian Ren and Care Debate: Reassessment, Development, and Future Directions
Chenyang Li
04 August 2022 (early view)

The irony of Confucius
Dimitra Amarantidou
Volume 17, Issue 6
09 May 2022

Sincerity (cheng) as a civic and political virtue in classical Confucian philosophy
Dawid Rogacz
Volume 17, Issue 6
24 April 2022

Mencius and Xunzi on the legitimate use of offensive force: A pacifistic critique of recent just war interpretations
Kurtis Hagen
Volume 17, Issue 6
15 April 2022

Death in the Zhuangzi: Themes, arguments, and interpretations
Pengbo Liu
Volume 17, Issue 4
17 March 2022

Problematising harmony, disrupting harmony: perspectives from philosophical traditions

19th-20th May 2022

Philosophy Department, Nanyang Technological University

In-person and via Zoom

The idea of harmony has positive connotations. We consider ourselves fortunate if we live in a harmonious neighbourhood or a harmonious society. Harmonious music is pleasing to the ear, as is harmonious architecture to the eye. People who see eye to eye are harmonious in their beliefs and perhaps in their sentiment. “Harmony” often also suggests a condition manifesting desirable equilibrium, or proportion, or balance (that may also be ethical or aesthetic in nature), across a range of human activities, projects and collaborations.

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Asian Journal of Philosophy – a new Asia-based journal published by Springer Nature and journal launch

The journal publishes high-quality articles in any area of analytic philosophy, but with an emphasis on epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, meta-ethics, value theory, action theory, and the philosophies of mind, language, logic, technology, and mathematics.

The mission of Asian Journal of Philosophy is to serve as a leading platform for analytic philosophy in Asia both in an inward and in an outward sense. Within Asia the journal aims to be a visible go-to outlet for analytic philosophers to communicate high-quality research and share it with the global community. Outside Asia the journal aims to serve as an authoritative reflection of cutting-edge research in Asia and as an attractive publication outlet for promoting scholarly work to the large community of researchers working in the region.

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International Society for Chinese Philosophy Summer 2022 ISCP Shanghai International Conference

Posted on behalf of the ISCP Executive Director, Professor Ann Pang-White

We all truly look forward to the Summer 2022 ISCP Shanghai International Conference (postponed from 2021 due to Covid-19) as opportunities to learn from one another and making personal connections. However, considering the ever-changing nature of the pandemic, the difficulty and safety of international travelling (visa, pre-boarding test, quarantine, flight availability and high cost associated with it, etc.), in consultation with the hosting university (East China Normal University), the board has approved holding the conference with a hybrid platform — virtual and in person concurrently. For participants within the Mainland China and scholars outside of China who can and would like to travel to Shanghai, they certainly can participate the conference in person. For those who prefer to participate virtually, they can do so.

The conference registration fee will be lowered because of this new hybrid format. For non-ISCP members, the conference registration fee will be US$50 (approx. RMB300¥); for ISCP members whose dues are paid up to date, it will be free. We encourage current members to renew their membership and interested colleagues to join ISCP to take advantage of this generous offer.

With this new hybrid platform, we also hope more scholars will consider submitting individual abstract or panel proposals for the conference. The submission deadline is DECEMBER 31, 2021.

General timeline remains the same:
Deadline for submission of abstracts and panel proposals: December 31, 2021
Conference Registration: January 1- May 1, 2022
Communication of acceptance: by February 1, 2022

With warmest regards,

Ann A. Pang-White
Executive Director of ISCP
Visit us:

CFP: ISCP at the 2022 APA Eastern (January 5-8 in Montreal, Quebec)

The International Society for Chinese Philosophy (ISCP) plans to host two-panel sessions at the Eastern Division American Philosophical Association (APA) in Montreal, Quebec, on January 5–8, 2022.

Submissions focusing on any area of Chinese or Comparative philosophy are welcomed. Your submission should include the following information:

1. Title of Paper
2. Name of Presenter
3. Presenter’s Affiliation
4. Presenter’s e-mail address
5. Approximately a 200-300 word Paper Abstract
6. Submission Deadline: June 20, 2021

Please send the submissions electronically to Dr. Jea Sophia Oh, ISCP Liaison to the APA Eastern Division Meeting, at: with “ISCP APA Eastern” in the subject line.

Simultaneous submissions (e.g. submitting the same abstract to multiple APA Group Sessions) are discouraged. If your paper is selected for inclusion, then you are committed to presenting it at our Group Session of the APA Eastern Division Meeting.

on behalf of A/Prof Jea Oh, West Chester University of Pennsylvania & the ISCP

TOC: Journal of Chinese Philosophy: Special Issue: De 德 and Virtue in Early Confucian Texts (I), Volume 48 (2021): Issue 1 (Apr)

Special Issue: De 德 and Virtue in Early Confucian Texts (I)

De and Virtue in Early Confucian Texts: Introduction
Author: Xinzhong Yao
Pages: 5–12

Dimensions of Humility in Early Confucian Thought
Author: Kwong-loi Shun
Pages: 13–27

Virtue, Body, Mind and Spirit in the Shijing: New Perspectives on Pre-Warring States Conceptions of Personhood and Virtue
Author: Lisa Raphals
Pages: 28–39

The Documents Classic as Guide to Political Philosophy in the Early Empires
Author: Michael Nylan
Pages: 40–55

Virtues and the Book of Rites
Author: Ann A. Pang-White
Pages: 56–70

Link to the issue:

Call for submissions for the ISCP Group Panel at 2021 APA Central, New Orleans

Sent on behalf of Professor Jing Hu


Dear Members and Friends of ISCP,

We would like to invite submissions for the ISCP Group Panel at the 2021 APA Central Division meeting in New Orleans, February 24 – 27, 2021. We welcome any submission relevant to Chinese philosophy and especially encourage junior scholars, international scholars, individuals who identify as minorities and otherwise under-represented individuals to apply. Please send the following information along with your abstract in word or pdf format to Jing Hu at by August 24, 2020.

1. Title of Paper
2. Name of Presenter
3. Presenter’s Affiliation and Contact Information
4. Paper Abstract (200-300 words, in attachment)

We look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Jing Hu
ISCP liaison for APA-Central