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Workshop on Tsinghua Logic School

WORKSHOP: Legacy of the Tsinghua Logic School

Time: April 21, 2022
Venue: Hybrid
Organizer: The Joint Research Center for Logic, Tsinghua University

In 1926, recently graduated from Columbia University, Jin Yuelin came back to China and founded the Department of Philosophy at Tsinghua University. With new appointments of Shen Youding and Wang Xianjun in subsequent years, the logic group grew very fast and attracted many young talents. One prominent student of Jin Yuelin was Wang Hao, who later took his PhD degree at Harvard and became a well-known logician worldwide. This pioneering history was recorded in a recent article by Jan Vrhovski: “The Qinghua Logic School: Mathematical Logic at Qinghua University in Peking, 1926–1945”. In 1952, due to the policy of “reorganization of colleges and departments”, Tsinghua’s philosophy department was moved to Peking University. Wang Xianjun stayed there ever since, while Jin Yuelin and Shen Youding soon moved once more, to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In this way the logic tradition spread. In 2000 Tsinghua officially restored its philosophy department with a focus in logic. In the last two decades, Tsinghua has been making lots of progress in logic, with several major appointments. (for more information see the website: On the occasion of Tsinghua University’s anniversary in April this year, we are organizing a small workshop to discuss the Tsinghua logic tradition, the ideas of the early founding logicians, and plans for our future development.

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Studying Wang Yangming

Posting on behalf of Larry Israel:

Dear Warp Weft and Way readers – I am just writing to let you know that I have self-published a book titled “Studying Wang Yangming: History of a Sinological Field.” This is a survey of the Western-language literature (17th c.-2019 or so) on Wang Yangming and his first-general followers written in historical and to some extent biographical context. I know that many will disapprove of self-publication and look down on it, but I did so because this book is about to be published in Chinese by a press in Beijing, and also because it will need to be updated every few years (hard to do if I give it to a publisher). Also, given how limited the audience will be, I felt that signing it over would result in this reference book becoming even less accessible globally. In sum, I had a contract with an okay press but didn’t feel right about giving it away. Much content is based on peer-reviewed articles and the rest went through several hands. Thanks for your forbearance! If you would like a free e-version just email me, I’m happy to send it.


Larry Israel

HOLIC – History of Logic in China – Virtual Workshop

HOLIC Workshop 2022 “Textual Analysis as the Basis for Understanding Chinese Logical Thought”
January 15-17, 2022, 16:30-21:00PM (Beijing Standard Time).

Diversity and Rhetorical Traditions Conference May 31-June 1

From Scott R. Stroud, ASHR President: The American Society for the History of Rhetoric conference on Diversity and Rhetorical Traditions is taking place next week, May 31 – June 1, in Minneapolis. Here is the link to the conference program and registration information: Attendance at this event is free of charge.

Asian Religions Position at Tennessee-Chattanooga

From Ethan Mills:

My department here at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is currently hiring for a tenure-track position in Asian Religions. Please feel free to share this link far and wide, especially with anyone you feel may be a qualified candidate.