Ethics in Public Life: Good Practitioners in a Rising Asia

This book by Kenneth Winston may interest some of you:

Ethics in Public Life: Good Practitioners in a Rising Asia

The topic of moral competence is generally neglected in the study of public management and policy, yet it is critical to any hope we might have for strengthening the quality of governance and professional practice. What does moral competence consist of? How is it developed and sustained? These questions are addressed in this book through close examination of selected practitioners in Asian countries making life-defining decisions in their work. The protagonists include a doctor in Singapore, a political activist in India, a mid-level bureaucrat in central Asia, a religious missionary in China, and a journalist in Cambodia—each struggling with ethical challenges that shed light on what it takes to act effectively and well in public life. Together they bear witness to the ideal of public service, exercising their personal gifts for the well-being of others and demonstrating that, even in difficult circumstances, the reflective practitioner can be a force for good.

Kenneth Winston is Lecturer in Ethics at the Harvard Kennedy School, USA and Faculty Chair of the HKS Singapore Program. He is co-editor of Prospects for the Professions in China (2011) and editor of The Principles of Social Order: Selected Essays of Lon L. Fuller (rev. ed., 2001).

For more information see here. Palgrave is also offering a 30% discount on the book through 4/30/2015. Use the coupon code PM15THIRTY.


11th Annual Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought (Program)

11th Annual Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought

North Central College, Naperville, IL

May 1-2, 2015

Friday, May 1

1:00-2:30  The Virtues of Mengzi (Chair: Aaron Stalnaker)

  • Dobin Choi (State University of New York, Buffalo): “Mengzi’s Maxim on Self-Cultivation for Righteousness in 2A2”
  • John Ramsey (Scripps College): “Are the Fruit of Duan of the Same Species? Mengzian Virtues as Heterogenous”
  • Franklin Perkins (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore): “Five Conducts (Wu xing 五行), Mengzi, and the Way of Heaven”

2:30-2:45  Break

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Discussing “The Confucian Philosophy of Harmony” by LI Chenyang

The East Asian Studies Center at Indiana University is piloting a book workshop series this year. On Wednesday, November 19 from 8pm – 10pm EST Professor LI Chenyang will discuss his lastest book, The Confucian Philosophy of Harmony. Since this is a virtual presentation, we welcome all interested scholars and students to attend. You can log in here: . Follow directions “to enter as a guest.” (For questions about the virtual-meeting software see here.)

NPR Story about Shanghai Subway Passenger

This story about a foreigner passing out on the subway in Shanghai caught my attention; and I thought it might interest some of our readers as well. It turns out that after fainting and falling to the floor, not a single person tried to help the foreigner. The explanations in the article seem a bit dubious; and there’s no fat villan to throw in front of the subway car, which would make for a more interesting discussion; but I’m guessing a few of you might have some thoughts on the piece nonetheless.

CFP: Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy 49th Annual Conference

Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy
49th Annual Conference
June 19-22, 2014
SUNY Binghamton, New York


Keynote Speaker: Chenyang Li, Nanyang Technical University, Singapore
Title of Keynote Presentation:  “Comparative Philosophy and Cultural Patterns.”

Deadline for Abstracts and Proposals: March 1, 2014

Co-sponsored by the Philosophy Department at SUNY-Binghamton (, the 49th Annual Conference of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy ( will be held at SUNY-Binghamton’s campus in the beautiful environs of upstate New York.

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CFP: 10th Annual Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought (EXTENDED to Jan. 31)

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
April 25-27, 2014

Keynote Address to be given by
Professor Kai-Wing Chow, Professor of History and East Asian Languages and Cultures
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
“Ethics and Society: The Revival of Confucianism in Contemporary China”

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CFP: Contemporary East Asia and the Confucian Revival



organized by the Department of Asian and African Studies, Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana University in collaboration with the Scientific Research Center of the Slovene Academy for Science and Art (ZRC SAZU)

Date: October 3th – 5th 2014
Venue: Ljubljana, Scientific Research Center of the Slovene Academy for Science and Art (ZRC SAZU), Novi trg 2

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Roger Ames Awarded 2013 Confucius Culture Prize

“UH Mānoa Philosophy Professor Roger T. Ames has been presented with a 2013 Confucius Culture Prize at the Sixth Annual World Confucian Conference in Shandong, China.  The prizes are sponsored by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Ministry of Culture and the provincial government of Shandong Province—the home province of the sage Confucius.”

The full press release can be found here: