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Xiang on Sinophobia

Shuchen Xiang (assistant professor of philosophy at Peking University) has just published “Sinophobia, American Imperialism, Disorder Without Responsibility” in Sartre Studies International. In light of the recent anti-Asian hate crimes in the United States, this paper asks the philosophical community to reflect on the relationship between racism and (American) imperialism as well as how this Sinophobia is symptomatic of an agent/community acting under “bad faith” who evades the more difficult problem of personal growth. The paper can be found here and can be downloaded here

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Changes at HKU

Some dramatic changes have taken place related to Chinese philosophy broadly construed; I have updated our page on Graduate Programs in Chinese Philosophy to reflect Ci Jiwei’s retirement and the numerous new arrivals, including Justin Tiwald and Daniel Bell.

If you know of any changes at other schools on the list — or schools that should be on the list, please let me know!

Zhao Tingyang lecture and series

The Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies at Universität Tübingen is sponsoring a series of four on-line lectures titled “Tianxia (and its critique).” All lectures take place online at 2 pm CEST (8 am U.S., 8 pm China):

22 Sep — Tingyang Zhao: “The maze of Tianxia–all-under-heaven”
20 Oct — Stephen Angle: “The Limits of Tianxia
17 Nov — Georg Stenger: tba
15 Dec — Aurélie Névot: “From tianxia to tianxia-ism”

All lectures will be available at: this zoom link.

Please contact the organizer, Dr. Niels Weidtmann, with any questions.

Angle Reviews Kwon, Confucian Sentimental Representation: A New Approach to Confucian Democracy

My review of Confucian Sentimental Representation: A New Approach to Confucian Democracy by Kyung Rok Kwon (Routledge, 2022) has been published in The Review of Metaphysics 76:1; see here. The first paragraph of the review follows below.

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CFP: “New Voices in Chinese Philosophy” at RWCP 6

The Rutgers Workshop on Chinese Philosophy (RWCP) is inviting participants for the 6th workshop, scheduled to be held in-person on Friday, March 31, 2023, at New Brunswick, NJ. The theme of this upcoming workshop is “New Voices in Chinese Philosophy.” New voices are defined here as anybody who received their doctorate no earlier than 2016 as well as those who are ABD (all but dissertation). If you are interested, please send a completed but not yet published paper on any aspect of Chinese philosophy and an updated CV to by October 30, 2022. If your paper is already accepted by a journal but has not been published yet, it qualifies as well. In your email, please suggest 2 or 3 possible respondents to your paper (they can be specialists in either Chinese or Western philosophy). For all accepted participants, Rutgers will cover transportation to and from New Brunswick as well as two nights of hotel accommodations. Any inquiry emails should be directed to the above address; we’re happy to answer questions.

RWCP Co-directors:
Tao Jiang (Rutgers)
Dean Zimmerman (Rutgers)
Stephen Angle (Wesleyan)

Curtis’s Overview of 21-22 East Asian Studies jobs

Paula Curtis writes:

I am happy to announce the release of my data report and visualizations for the 2021-2022 academic job market cycle in East Asian Studies. Tracking categories such as desired discipline, desired region of specialization, track, location, and more, I provide a variety of information on the market in EAS for the most recent hiring season.

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