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Berggruen Prize Nomination Deadline Extended

The nomination deadline for the Berggruen Prize has been extended to July 28th. For more information and to make a nomination, please see www.berggruen.org/prize. It would be great to broaden the pool of candidates being considered!

June 21st, 2017 Posted by | Comparative philosophy | 3 comments

3 Responses to Berggruen Prize Nomination Deadline Extended

  1. Brad Cokelet says:

    Hi Steve!

    Should Candidates be people who have worked to build east-west dialogue? Or would it, for example, be worth nominating some leading figure in Critical Theory such as Nancy Fraser or Axel Honneth?

  2. Steve Angle says:

    Hi Brad — That is up to you, and everyone else, to decide for yourselves. My own view is that someone who has worked to build E-W dialogue would be great, as would a philosopher outside of Europe/Nth America who has done important work in his or her own context. But the key thing is that the committee would like a range of strong choices and good reasons to choose folks.

  3. Brad Cokelet says:

    Thanks Steve!

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