New book: Worlding Multiculturalisms

Worlding Multiculturalisms: The Politics of Inter-Asian Dwelling (edited by Daniel Goh) in the Routledge Series of Political Theories in East Asian Context has just published. Please find the website below in case you are interested.
Worlding multiculturalisms are practices that infuse our arbitrary cultural lives with new things from other cultures in poetic ways to enable us to dwell and be at home with the complexity of the world. In the context of the crisis of multiculturalism in the West and the growing obsolescence of state-based multiculturalism in the postcolonial world, this book offers examples of new practices of worlding multiculturalisms that go beyond issues of immigration, integration and identity. Contrasting Western and Asian notions of
multiculturalism, this book does not focus on state issues, but rather, highlights manifestations of cultural exchange.

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