Call for Commentators for Eastern APA

Huaiyu Wang writes as follows (anyone interested please respond directly to him at

I am pleased to announce the tentative schedule for the following two panels for the Eastern APA meeting in Philadelphia. I would like to invite chairs for the two panels below and a commentator for each paper. (Please note that two papers have commentators already.)

APA Eastern Tentative Schedule 2104

Panel One: Self, Meaning and Communication in the Zhuangzi (Chaired by Yang Xiaomei)

Sonya Ozbey DePaul University,  The Skill of Communication and Communication of Skills in the Zhuangzi (commented by De Reu)

Wim De Reu, National Taiwan University,  The creation and meaning of literary form: Goblet words (zhiyan) in Zhuangzi 27.

C. Lynne Hong, Chinese Culture University, Exploring the Discourse of Self in Chapter One of the Zhuangzi

Joanna Guzowska, University of Warsaw/Fudan University, WO–Self, WU–Self and the Topology of the Mind in the Zhuangzi

Panel Two: Self-Awareness and Self-Cultivation: Confucianism and Buddhism

Ludovica Gallinaro, Tsinghua University, How can we be happy enough?»: a comparative study of Yan Hui’s “perfect spontaneity” between Zhou Dunyi and Cheng Yi

Thorian Harris, Notre Dame de Namur University, The Hermeneutics of Strategic Language

Hanna Kim, Seoul National University, From natural(自然) to necessity(必然), Ethical Transition in Dai-zhen’s thought (commented by Choi Suck)

Xingyi Wang, Harvard Divinity School, Self-awareness in Cheng weishi lun and Kuiji’s Commentary

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