Call for applications: Ph.D. Student and Young Scholar Workshop

Fifth Biannual Ph.D. Student and Young Scholar Workshop

“Authorship and Authority in the Ancient World”

International Center for the Study of Ancient Text Cultures

Renmin University of China

Beijing, June 17–21, 2019

The International Center for the Study of Ancient Text Cultures (ICSATC), hosted at Renmin University of China, holds its fifth Ph.D. Student and Young Scholar workshop on June 17-21, 2019. Four renowned scholars from the fields of Ancient Chinese, Greek, and Biblical Literature will present lectures and seminars on specific topics. There also will be student research activities to complement the lectures and seminars. The principal language of instruction and interaction will be English.

Meeting Place: Renmin University of China, Beijing


Prof. Barbara Graziosi, Princeton University (Greek Literature)

Prof. Hindy Najman, Oxford University (Biblical Literature)

Prof. Hanmo Zhang, Renmin University of China (Chinese Literature)

Prof. Martin Kern, Princeton University (Chinese Literature)


June 16: Arrival and registration

June 17-20: Lectures, seminars, and research activities

June 21: Student presentations and plenary conclusion

June 22: Departure

The program accepts forty Ph.D. students and young scholars who specialize in the textual study of antiquity, globally conceived. Half the number of participants are admitted from Chinese universities, the other half from universities from around the world. Those who have passed their required Ph.D. qualifying examinations and have started writing their dissertations are encouraged to apply, as are postdoctoral students and young scholars.

Room, board, and other local expenses will be provided by the Center at Renmin University. Students are expected to cover their own transportation and visa expenses, hopefully with the assistance from their universities or other scholarships. All necessary visa documentation will be provided by the Center. Applications should be sent by March 15, 2019, to:


Personal Information


Current Address:

Current Phone:

Current E-mail:

Emergency Contact:

Date of Birth:



Passport Number and Expiration:


Academic Information

Academic Status (Ph.D. students):



Thesis Topic or Research Area:


Expected Date of Graduation:


Study Plan

Please describe in one page or less your current research and/or study plans. Include a discussion of what you hope to gain from participation in the workshop and how it will further your research goals and objectives.

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