Call for paper: Special issue on Sino-Japanese philosophy (Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy)

As is well known, the term “philosophy” was translated with two ideographs 哲学 (Jap: tetsugaku) by Nishi Amane in 1874 and has been widely used not only in Japan but also in Chinese-speaking regions (Chi: zhexue). Since then, philosophy has extensively been flourishing in these two countries, including, though definitely not limited to, the two profound philosophical “schools”, namely, the Kyoto School and New Confucianism. These sophisticated philosophical movements in Japan and China, however, somewhat have not undergone an extensive and in-depth dialogue till recent years. This special issue, therefore, is intended to fill this gap up by demonstrating how “philosophy” is received, confronted and made in the context of Sino-Japanese philosophical interchange. Rigorous academic papers on all time periods and all areas of Sino-Japanese philosophy, classical to contemporary, from a variety of perspectives are welcomed.

All papers will be undergone a peer-reviewed process, which takes approximately two months. If we have more papers accepted than can be put into a single special issue, they can be published in the regular issues of the journal.

We very much look forward to hearing your favorable reply. The submission deadline of full paper is June 30, 2012. For details of the journal, please kindly refer to

Guest editors of the special issue
LAM Wing-keung (Hong Kong Institute of Education;
CHEUNG Ching-yuen (Chinese University of Hong Kong;

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