Call for Papers: SACP Annual Conference, Oct.11-14, 2012

Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy

47th Annual Conference
October 11-14, 2012
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale


Keynote Speaker: David Wong, Duke University

Deadline for Abstracts and Proposals: March 1, 2012

Co-sponsored by the Philosophy Department at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale (, the 47th Annual Conference of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy ( will be held at the SIUC campus from October 11-14 2012. Nestled in the beautiful Shawnee Valley of downstate Illinois, SIUC will provide an inviting location, with a lush yet tranquil natural environment and a thriving scholarly community, for this year’s SACP conference. The SACP, which for the better part of the last half-century has drawn scholars from all over the world to its national meetings, and which in coming years will be held in international venues, looks forward to having its conference at SIUC. The Philosophy Department at SIUC has for many decades been committed to the research and teaching of Asian philosophical traditions and cross-cultural philosophical dialogue. The Department has an established history of successively strong faculty members who represent Asian traditions, and has graduated, and continues to graduate, from its Ph.D. program a number of scholars who have gone on to be leading figures in both Indian and Chinese thought. It is also the current center of American Pragmatist thought in the United States. Given the central location of the campus in the United States, the SACP conference hopes this year to draw enhanced American participation from the Midwest and both coasts.

The conference theme, “Comparative Perspectives on Ethical Practice,” is designed to invite scholars representing Asian traditions of thought to present research on the many ways in which philosophers of these heritages foregrounded and detailed praxis as the means through which to realize truth, manifest goodness and actualize the interdependence that makes human social life and the pursuit of wisdom possible. Of course, those who wish to participate are most welcome to submit abstracts and presentations on the widest variety of topics that correspond to their areas of interest as well. Our Keynote Address will be delivered by the renowned Professor David Wong of Duke University, who has written extensively in recent decades on classical Chinese and Greek ethics as well as cross-cultural philosophy.

Presentation and panel proposal abstracts should be sent electronically to BOTH Douglas Berger ( and Michael Barnhart (, AND cc’d to Roger Ames ( Abstracts for presentations should be between 200-300 words, including a title. Panel proposals should include the title and a brief description of the panel, names and affiliation of panelists and titles of each participant’s presentation. The deadline for submission is March 1, 2012. Notice of acceptance of proposals will be sent to your e-mail address sometime between mid-April and early May. In order to minimize the difficulty of dealing with late cancellations, registration for the conference is expected within 2 weeks after the acceptance notice is received.

To encourage student participation, SACP has once again set up Student Essay Contest Awards for the 2012 conference. Student Essay Contest Prizes are: First prize: $1,000; Second prize, $750; and Third prize, $500. The awards will be applied to the travel and accommodation expenses for those attending the 2012 SACP conference only. Students should submit a complete essay of no more than 10 pages (or 4,000 words) and a 300 word abstract to BOTH Douglas Berger and Michael Barnhart, AND cc to Roger Ames, by March 1, 2012.

Housing will be primarily available at Carbondale area hotels, all of which are but a short drive from campus, and once the SACP Conference Organizing Committee has made decisions and notified you regarding the acceptance of your papers, you will receive information about available accommodations. For graduate students who wish to attend the conference and who are operating on limited budgets, some members of the large graduate student body at SIUC may be willing to invite you to stay with them during the duration of the conference, and once your paper proposals have been accepted, you will receive further information about these possible accommodations.

2012 Conference Organizing Committee

Roger Ames
Michael Barnhart
Douglas Berger
Mary Bockover
Peimin Ni
Rajam Raghunathan
Karsten Struhl
Sor-hoon Tan

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