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Postdoc in Chinese Aesthetics at ECNU

East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai is looking for a two-year post-doc in ancient Chinese art theory and classic Chinese aesthetics. Applicants must have PhD in related areas.  Stipend is 75,000 RMB for one year and 150,000 RMB for two years. Please send application materials to Professor Zhu Zhirong ( at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of ECNU. 

Conference on De 德 (Virtue) and Mei 美 (Beauty)

International Conference on De德 (Virtue) and Mei 美 (Beauty) in Chinese Philosophy

国际学术研讨会(2015, 3月25-27)

In order to promote a deeper understanding of philosophy and culture among civilizations and encourage further professional and cultural exchanges between China and Europe we will hold the conference on virtues and beauty in Venice, Italy, March 25-27, 2015.


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“Boston Confucian” Lecture Series, with The Wisdom of Chinese Art Nov. 7

Students at Boston University are putting on a good-looking lecture series; click here for details. This coming Friday, Yair Lior will be presenting on “The Wisdom of Chinese Art”:

The lecture will be titled “The Wisdom of Chinese Art” and will look at different philosophical ideas that inform Chinese art theory, especially landscape painting. It will also look at the unique relationship between Chinese calligraphy, the literati class, and the development of Song-Yuan landscapes. These themes will be explored with constant allusions to concepts of perspective, brush techniques, and choices of subject-matter in European oil painting. Perhaps most importantly, the lecture will give us an opportunity to look at the beautiful images produced by Chinese painters.

2nd Rutgers Workshop on Chinese Philosophy

I am very happy to announce the 2nd Rutgers Workshop on Chinese Philosophy, which will be held on Friday, April 11, on the topic “Xunzi on Authority.” Four scholars of Chinese philosophy will present papers, each followed by a critical commentary from a member of the Rutgers University Philosophy Department. Attendance (including lunch) is free but requires an advance RSVP so that we know how much food to get. Please read on for details!

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