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Warp, Weft, and Way and social media

Greetings blog readership! I have a question on which I’d love your feedback. As many of you know, the blog has a software that autoposts blog content to Facebook and used to do so to Twitter. The autoposter has some limitations, especially that it can only be configured for two accounts — so only Aris Dashiell’s (my RA) and me posts actually get sent on to FB automatically; posts by others require Aris or me to manually intercede for them to got to FB. So far we haven’t found a better solution for that.

But what I am writing about today is actually not FB. The change of Twitter to X broke the autoposter’s connection. We can seek to restore that, but it didn’t seem that even the Twitter feed was getting much attention. So, a two-part question: (1) would you value a restored WW&W feed on X? (2) are there other social media platforms that we should attach to? Please share your views, either as comments or email me directly. Thanks!

Ways to Follow Warp Weft and Way: 2022

Dear all new and old blog followers,

First and foremost we would like to thank you for your continued following of Warp, Weft, and Way!

We have recently deactivated the ability to follow blog updates via email because the plug-in we were using caused numerous problems with the basic functioning of the site.

We do however have three other ways to be updated about new blog posts. First is via our facebook page which can be found here. You are able to turn on post notifications by following this page, then clicking the “following” button once again. Here is a link if you need assistance.

Secondly, we have a brand new Twitter page which can be found here! For twitter, after you follow the page you can click the bell with the plus sign to get notifications on your device (look at the picture below).

Third, you can use a RSS app on your computer or phone that notifies you when a given “feed” is updated. On the blog’s homepage you’ll see “Entries feed” (which is and “Commends feed” (which is You can enter either or both of those into an appropriate app (for example RSS Bot) and you’ll never miss a post or comment.

We would like to just thank everyone for their continued support of the blog and hope for more expansion in the future!

New Subscription Service

The administrators of Warp, Weft, and Way are pleased to announce a new subscription service for the website.  Under the new subscription service, users of Warp, Weft, and Way can now view the latest blog posts on their emails.

Users who have provided their email information to the Warp, Weft, and Way website in the past will receive this new subscription service.  Users who have not provided their email information to the Warp, Weft, and Way website in the past, and would like to view the latest blog posts on their emails, can subscribe HERE to receive this new subscription service.  Alternatively, users can also subscribe to the website by clicking on “HERE” in the “Subscribe HERE to keep up with the latest blog posts on your email!” phrase located on the right side of the website.

A Note About Free Access to Individual Articles

I think it’s a great idea for authors to share “free access” — often limited to a certain number of downloads — with blog readers. As a glance at the map in the righthand sidebar reveals, people access this blog from all over the world, and many of them do not have institutional access to the journals in which we publish.

To keep things manageable, though, I suggest the following process. If the article for which you would like to provide free access is published in one of the journals whose Table of Contents I regularly post (see here), then please add a comment to the relevant ToC post, giving the information about downloading a free copy. If I have missed posting the ToC in question, then please remind me!

If your article is not in one of those journals, then when you tell me about the article (for the weekly digest), please also tell me about the free access information; or else, add it in a comment to the relevant weekly digest.

Change/Clarification to Posts About Recent Publications

One of our goals for Warp, Weft, and Way is that it be a source of information about what is published related to Chinese and/or comparative philosophy. To that end, I regularly post the Tables of Contents of the journals in this area:

  • Dao
  • PEW
  • JCP
  • Asian Philosophy
  • Comparative Philosophy
  • Journal of World Philosophy
  • Contemporary Chinese Thought
  • Frontiers of Philosophy in China
  • Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture
  • Comparative and Continental Philosophy
  • Journal of East-West Thought

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Some Plugin Issues

(UPDATE: Emailed post notifications seem to work just fine, as does the automatic feed to the Facebook page. It may be the Discussion topics plugin that is at issue. Check here later for further updates.)

Hello everyone,

Just so you are in the loop, our site is having an issue with some plugins so you won’t see some things, in particular, the discussion topics and the Facebook feed. Emailed post notifications might not work for the time being either. We will work on the issues and resolve as soon as possible. Other functions should be okay. Thank you for your patience and, as always, thank you for your interest in this site!

Manyul & Steve

Comments Policy – slightly revised

To all our valued readers and participants,

Stephen Angle and I would like to thank you, first of all, for your interest and contributions in making this site a successful clearinghouse for discussions as well as announcements about Chinese and Comparative philosophy. We would like to revisit and point out a slight revision to our comments policy, which is now:

As a policy and a courtesy to other participants, comment or discussion authors must identify themselves with their first and last names. Exceptions will be made by request only to one of the administrators. If the blog administrators are unable to contact and verify identity, entries will be removed.

Exceptions will be allowed, but as exceptions of course and not as a general rule for any particular participant. We think it is reasonable, for some types of discussion, that a participant who has something to risk in revealing his or her identity be allowed to comment anonymously. We only ask two things when this is the case: first, that such individuals contact us by email with a request and, second, that such individuals identify themselves with some form of description that wears the anonymity on its sleeve — e.g. “Anonymous Jobseeker” or something like that.

The policy is necessary in order to provide accountability in the normal instance for what our contributors write to or about each other. We hope that you understand and share the value of such accountability in what is, ideally, an open forum for exchange of ideas. Thank you.

New Email Subscription Option

For those of you who may have been unceremoniously dropped from your email subscriptions (to new post notifications) when our site underwent a “routine” update a couple of months ago, we have added a different — and more convenient, by Postmatic’s own advertising — subscription service from  on the far right menu.

One of the new features that I haven’t tested yet is the ability to comment directly from the email in which the post is sent. I guess we will find out soon enough.

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