Warp, Weft, and Way

Chinese and Comparative Philosophy 中國哲學與比較哲學

December 5, 2016
by hagop sarkissian

Irene Cronin (UCLA): The Notion of Accepted Contradiction in Early Chinese Daoism. 12 Dec 2016 at CUNY Graduate Center

FALL 2016 Logic and Metaphysics Workshop Date: Monday December 12, 4.15-6.15 Place: Room 5382, CUNY Graduate Center. Speaker: Irena Cronin, UCLA Title: The Notion of Accepted Contradiction in Early Chinese Daoism Abstract: Although the representation of the Dao differs a little between … Continue reading

November 10, 2015
by Steve Angle

Buber on the Daodejing: Next week at Harvard

Monday, November 16, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. China Humanities Seminar: Laozi the Existentialist: Martin Buber’s Transformation of the Daodejing Speaker: Jonathan Herman, Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Georgia State University Sponsored by the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies K262, … Continue reading

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