Job at Duke/Kunshan

Duke Kunshan University (DKU) invites applications for faculty positions (rank open) in the arts and humanities (philosophy, history, literature, language, and audio visual and performing arts). Pending accreditation approval, DKU will launch an innovative, integrated and interdisciplinary liberal arts undergraduate program leading to both Duke and DKU degrees. Students interested in arts and humanities will be immersed in integrated core courses including the arts of interpretation in written texts, images and sounds, as well as a common set of university-wide courses on China, global challenges, and ethics. Areas of study in the arts and humanities include, but are not limited to, Global Cultural Studies, Media and Arts, Performance Studies, China and US Studies, and Ethics and Leadership. Faculty will have the unique opportunity to pioneer, lead and implement an interdisciplinary and integrated arts and humanities curriculum and to conduct research in the related fields. These positions may start as early as Fall 2017 to begin preparation for the launch.

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ECNU grad programs, job openings, and Intercultural Center

I pass on this message from Paul D’Ambrosio of East China Normal University, concerning ECNU’s English-language MA and PhD programs; job openings at ECNU, and their new Intercultural Center.

Firstly, I would like to remind everyone about our English-language MA and PhD programs at ECNU. One of the unique features of our program is that students in our classes are split, about 50-50, Chinese and foreign. This makes for an exceptional teaching environment.

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